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"We identify strongly with people  that share their story of how they came across the idea of creating and offering something unique and wonderful."

You're probably wondering who's behind this whole incredible idea, right? 
We are Nancy & Karina.
Founders of ÚNICO MARKET Basel.

We believe that every project is special and has a story behind it.
This is what distinguishes our projects: they are, unique, special and have a big heart.
We are entrepreneurs and creative minds who want to show and promote our projects and sell our products in and around Basel.

We are an itinerant Design Market that promotes contemporary culture with a meaning.

We like to think big and we would like to have a studio where together as an entrepreneurial community, we can help you grow your brand.

Let's celebrate together diversity,
let's bring the world to Basel.


We love to create innovative, alternative and meaningful spaces for entrepreneurs and creative minds within Basel.

We want all those people who decided to start a business outside their home country to have the opportunity to be part of the local economy and thus promote their project and their brand.



Full-time Mexican with a Bachelor degree in Marketing.

Dreamer and super curious. 

I consider myself a food lover and of course I love tacos.

I´m Co-Founder of @ManifestoTee

If you smile the first time we meet, 99% sure we´ll be friends.

Always listening to music.

No, I don't wear a hat and my dad never had a mustache.


Ecuadorian by birth, love brought me to Basel.

Positive and always optimistic, I love my country, the diversity of its 4 regions makes it an incredible place.
The best of all is the warmth of the people we are always willing to help.


Ah! I have an MBA in Protocol & Event Managment from de University of Madrid.

I am the Founder of @killarihandicrafts

If you see me, you´ll see me dancing.


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